Key Ingredients to ensure your ad capture consumer’s Attention

There is a perfect formula on which everyone has to be agreed upon. There are some specific ingredients which are added to make a good add that grabs the attention of the consumers. Many companies who chose the story content for their add is strong and has strength. But the need to find to find the balance between creativity and technology is to never lose the sight of the story.

In the light of some writers:
Mccaan said: A story of a hero can transcend the platform of boundaries an ad needs to be adapted. The viewers can have different nature. The message, content and the format have to respect their boundaries to grab the attention. Sutha said: an important shift has occurred and the popular needs a perfect platform like Youtube to engage their consumers and takes a segment strategy. Alvin Teoh: The companies often blame on the length of videos. He further included that there are a specific place and time for everything. And the short videos with a good story are fine. For the long videos with deeper emotions, he said: that people often get emotional when too long videos are forecasted on the TV. Tai Kam Leong: Youtube has always been a real platform storyteller for real people. So for that, we must be authentic in storytelling to engage public.

Role of Humor:-
Humor is very important to convey the message about the product. Humorous people can add creative ideas to the story. The humor when used in different categories to make an ad attain the full attention of the viewers.

What are the 5 top tips that help to attain attention?
To avoid overly prominent branding is the key concept that helps the marketers to attain attention. The brand pulsing concept is a unique one. Says Roger from
To create a positive emotional feeling like joy, immediately. For example, the mobile channels can now use the GIF for building the quick emotional message. To build an emotional roller coaster.
Surprising instead of shocking is a good tip to add the views attention towards the ad. 90% of the viral ads are humor. The surprising ads are more viewable and shareable but shocking humor is only viewable. Says Thapa from the viewers to share a message through a related post.

Few basic things that add to your ad are how much catchy the dialogues and contents are. The content should have to be valid, colorful and the content should be to the point. We see most the ads nowadays that the script is out of the lane of the topic and the message is not fully conveyed to the viewers. That makes the viewers ignore your product ad, it will let to give negative feedback.

Keeping in view the above mentioned top tips, your ad will grab attention towards your ad and will be able to give feedback. Most of the consumers used to make fun of it but this thing is not to worry about. Be responsive that will ensure them that you are very serious about your ad.

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