The origins of the noble game of Field Hockey

Field Hockey is one of the oldest games in history. At least a version of the game as we know it is. There has been some form of playing a game with curved sticks as far back as Egyptian times and there is also its cousin the game of Hurling that has been popular in Ireland since 1272. We shall focus on Field Hockey. This was played from the middle ages onwards. It is played with a curved J shaped stick and the object of the game is to pass, dribble and play the hard ball into the goal. This takes a lot of practice and one way to get good at it is to watch Hockey Drill Videos such as the ones available at It might also be an idea to look into how the game of field hockey was developed.

Before it was established a game of Hockey was contested between members of the clergy and the aristocracy of the middle ages though it is not sure why this would be the case. The Peasantry were not allowed to join in, but they could watch.The game was first developed in schools from about the middle of the eighteenth centuryonwards but as the nineteenth century came the sport was beginning to be developed in public schools. It was essentially a game for the privileged classes even though other versions were in existence.  The first recorded club was Blackheath in the south-eastern part of London, but it was the need for the Middlesex Cricket Club players to do something during the winter months that the development of the game truly began. It was the Teddington Hockey club that actually laid down the rules and made the dramatic change of including shooting circles and, crucially,changing the rubber cube that was used to a ball which made the game flow a lot quicker.  There then followed the formation of the Hockey Association in 1886 and the first international competitions, indicating the popularity of the game, in 1895.

It was the influence of the British empire that took the game beyond the realm of the British Isles. It found a huge fan base in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan it has now become the national sport with only Cricket a second place. The rules themselves owe much to football. In fact, it is closer to football in that it basically features the same rules for offsides, fouls corners and the like, though there are special ones like penalty corners and the goal keepers are armoured up as the ball can be deadly at speed.

Its an exciting and fast paced game that is enjoyed by men and women. As sticks are a great level so it is one of the few games that can be played as mixed sex game. It also has a World cup and European competition. A truly global game.

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