Buying vehicles in Australia made safer by free Rego check. The encumbrance or any other details of two-wheelers to boats made easy with a click of a button. The 260,000 registered customers confirm the quick, safe and reliable service of Rego check. For a nominal fee, a detailed history of the vehicle in the search including the prevalidation and expiry date along with the PPSR certificate is sent to the mail real quick.  PPSR is the Personal Property Securities Register of the Australian Government.  PPSR certificate is issued by AFSA, the Australian Financial Security Authority of the Australian Government.  Rego check is conducted for all parts of Australia and not restricted to any territory which makes this the first choice of searching vehicle details in Australia.

Rego check
Instant details of the vehicle in search are displayed after the payment.  The PPSR certificate is immediately mailed to your mail address.  If the Australian Government databases are offline the certificate will be sent as soon as it becomes online.  The check conducted by the latest technology makes it fast and dependable.
  • Authenticity :
The authenticity of the reports is reliable because they are from the PPSR and Nevdis databases which are of the Australian Government authorities. 
  • Safety :
The safety of the customer is the prime concern.  The payment by the customer is processed by Government certified gateways.  Rego check does not require any personal details of the customer. This email detail is also only for the purpose of sending the certified reports.   Even the email address provided is kept safe and secure at any cost
  • Details of the vehicle :
 For every check, all details of the vehicle are provided.  This includes
  • Encumbrance details :
Whether the vehicle is encumbered with some third parties or with any financial institutions can be verified.  The details of the encumbrance including the contact details of the secured parties could be had with a click.
  • Police Records :
All the records of the vehicle with the Australian police including of any theft, accidents, stolen engines, could be had with the police reference number.
  • Vehicle details :
The full details of the vehicle including the compliance plate date, engine number, body classification, year, make, model along with the identification number could be had from the horse's mouth.  These details are totally reliable since it is given by the Australian Government.

Rego check is a boon to buyers of vehicles in Australia.

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