The Pregnancy Test: Some Easy Ways

The life of a woman is full of challenges, and the most challenging phase for her is pregnancy. The happiness to born a child makes her feel different, but at the same moment, the movement in the body makes her worried. Before undergoing all such worries and prepare for them, one needs to see if she is pregnant or not. This can be tested with a pregnancy kit. It is sold in the medical stores nowadays, and one can easily get one to use and check. The problem comes when one cannot access such a kit. Well, in that situation also there are many other options available that can prove much helpful.

Test with red cabbage:  Though it is a known vegetable, the red cabbage is also capable of helping one detect if she is pregnant or not. There are also signs that can help you check the gender of the baby with the help of red cabbage. It is simple yet effective and completely natural. To check the pregnancy, you will need a red cabbage, jars and water pan. Just cut the cabbage into two equal parts first. Have a water pan and add water to it till it fills completely. Now just add the part of the cabbage to that pan and let it boil for around 10 minutes. Let the mix get to the room temperature now. Just strain the water from the pan. Now take fresh urine in another jar. Before mixing the urine with cabbage water be sure that both of them are in equal amount. Now mix the cabbage water to urine and see the reaction. If the colour of the mix does not change, it means, there is no pregnancy. If the colour changes, be prepared to have a new member in the family.

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Test with baking soda: Usuallythe Baking Soda is a component that helps one in boiling and cooking various items in thekitchen,but here the use of this content is different. It is easy to avail item in the kitchen as well as from market. To check the pregnancy what one needs is a little amount of baking soda and a small amount of fresh urine. One needs to mix these both items in a small container and see if there is any significant reaction. If there is achange of colour, it means you need to be prepared to welcome the baby. 

Just urine:To check the pregnancy one can also use only urine in case there is no other items are available. One needs to add some urine to a container and keep the same for the day in an area where direct sunlightis not there as well as access to others.  Check the container next morning. If there is a thin layer on the urine, take it as a positive test,and if you don’t see any layer, it means the test is negative.

The test for pregnancy with above methods is common and tested over a period. However, to be sure and take further steps you should go for the medically approved option only. The given write up has been done by, if you are looking for such more articles then visit over site and have them.

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