They can help you get more profit

One who has knowledge of stock trading and share market the trading in this market can prove much beneficial. One can opt for trading in intraday or delivery as per own choice. However, the cost of trading must be checked in both the cases and go for one that proves more cost-effective. For any trader in this market, a trading account is a must. There is also a Demat account that one needs to have where the buyer who invests the amount in shares for a long term can park the same there.

The trading:

The trading in this market can be done with the help of a trading account. The trader needs to get an account with a valid broker or a stockbroking firm that has a license for account opening from the regulator. For this, the trader can go for an offline or online account. He needs to fill an application form for the same with documents such as a copy of PAN card, cancelled cheque and identity as well as address proof. One needs to provide the margin money also for trading. On the basis of margin money, only the broker offers the credit for the intraday trading.

The trading account carries a charge for the trader that he needs to pay whenever any trade is carried out by him. He needs to pay this charge with the bill only. The charge is known as brokerage charge and varies from broker to broker. For a trader as it is an expense, he needs to get the account opened with any of the discount brokers who can help him to trade well and that too with low brokerage so that he can have the benefit of profit maximisation. The brokers usually do not reduce the brokerage rate as it is a prime source of their earning.

The transaction:

The transaction here can be carried out in the cash segment or derivative. One needs to see at his knowledge and check the technical charts analysis skills before jump into the trading of the derivative. However, in the cash segment, the risk is limited to the units purchased or sold. Hence compared to the derivative segment the transaction in cash segment is less risky. The trader who wants to go for the regular profit the cash segment and that too in intraday can be a better option.

If one looks for long-term benefits and the goal is the creation of a secured portfolio, he can go for the trading on delivery basis. One can buy the shares here and pay the price with a brokerage to the broker. These shares are parked in the demat account. Here the shares are kept safe until one moves it to the trading account for trading. The shares kept in demat can also fetch some income in the form of dividend if the company declares any such dividend on the shares hold. However, in this trading, one needs to invest much amount,and regular profit cannot be expected. 

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