Mini excavator – an overview

As we all know mini excavator is one of the commonly used construction equipment. Since this excavator is very compact in size they are also denoted as mini excavator. This is a tracked vehicle and it is quite different from other kind of construction vehicle used in current scenario. The complete function of this vehicle is executed through hydraulic fluid transfer. The hydraulic excavator comes with three assemblies which include house, workgroup and undercarriage. People who are in need to operate excavator should know about these assemblies in detail.
Komatsu Mini Excavators

Hydraulic excavator

The house consists of the engine compartment, operator compartment, distribution compartment and hydraulic pump. As the name indicates, the operator will control all the function of the vehicle from the operator compartment. The house is attached to the undercarriage through a swing. While coming to the undercarriage they consist of more components which include rollers, steel trackers, idlers and other related components. The main function of undercarriage is it supports house and workgroup. The workgroup consists of dipper, boom and the attachment. The attachment will get varied depending upon the needs. The boom will get varied depending upon the manufacturer. Some manufactures tend to provide extendable boom. And this kind of design is more familiar in the market today.


In the initial days, these vehicles were used only for excavation. But this is not the case in current scenario. Today, they are widely used for multiple tasks. They are used for various tasks beyond excavation. Some of the most common attachments which are used for various tasks include breaker, auger, tiltrotator and many. In order to increase their utilization to a greater extent, the excavator in current scenario is featured with quick coupler. The people who are about to operate this vehicle must be aware of these attachments in order to utilize them at the best in jobsite.


It is to be noted that many companies across the world are engaged in manufacturing excavators. There are also many companies which are marketing their products worldwide. These worldwide companies tend to have dealers all over the world. Hence the availability and service of these companies will be outstanding. The only thing is the buyers are supposed to hire the right manufacturer who has better reputation in today’s market.

The best manufacturer

As mentioned above, there are many manufacturers in different locations around the world. Among these companies some are considered to have great craze in the market. The Komatsu Mini Excavators will be the ideal option for the people who are searching for the best mini excavator. To know more about this vehicle, features and the dealers all over the world, one can refer their online website or their review website. 

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