How to find an Efficient Tree Service

When in the search of an efficient tree service one needs to know exactly what services the tree service company provides.  Is it tree removal you are looking to have done? Do you have storm damage? Did you have some trees removed in the past and now have unsightly stumps you need removed?

Tree service companies offer a variety of tree services as well as landscaping services.  If you want some trees completely removed (stump and all) or the trees on your property to be trimmed, pruned, or just shaped up, there are tree services that are available to do these services.

If you are looking for a service to do plant and maintenance care on your existing trees/plants you can also find a service to do fertilization, disease control, insect and mite control, as well as a full variety of landscape maintenance services such as tree planting, retaining walls, patios and walkways, bed preparation, drainage and mulching. 

Tree trimming work can be dangerous and one needs to ensure that the company hired to do the job is fully insured in case of any unexpected accidents.  When interviewing a person and/or company, such as Michael Tree Service, to do any tree trimming work, always make sure to ask to see any certificates and proof of liability and/or worker’s compensations insurance, also verify that these certificates are current. 

If a worker is injured while doing work on your trees you don’t want to end up in court being sued and possibly being held liable for their injuries.  Don’t be afraid to make a phone call to the insurance company they are claiming to be insured with, just to verify the validity of the policy and coverage limits. 

Never pay anyone in advance for any work they promise to do on your property without a written estimate showing the cost as well as some sort of written contract as to what services will be provided for this cost.  Most people are trustworthy, but when it comes to anything to do with money, always have a written contract to back you up in case things don’t go as planned. 

When interviewing a tree company, inquire how they are prepared in the event something goes wrong while trimming the trees on your property.  What if a tree branch inadvertently falls on nearby power lines?  What is the plan of action to retrieve these branches without causing further damage or a power outage? 

Also, insist that the technicians that come out to trim your trees use ropes or an aerial lift to do the work, do not allow anyone to use any spikes to climb the tree as spikes can damage the tree’s cambium and never allow anyone to talk you into “topping” a tree that you care a lot about. 

Lastly, when looking for a tree service, asking your neighbors, co-workers, or friends if they can recommend anyone to do the job never hurts.  Word of mouth is usually the best way to get a professional and efficient Tree Service Company to do the job you need to get done.

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