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Proper diet is the prerequisite for any individual who wishes to lead a healthy life. And for a healthy diet, it is important that we should use only the best quality food. In India, there is a wide prevalence of fried foods in one’s diet. People in India use a variety of edible oils to cook their food that includes barn oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, peanut oil, Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and many others. Even among all these oils, mustard oil thanks to its tangy taste and a unique smell is widely used in many parts everyday cooking.

If you want to buy pure mustard oil in Jammu and Kashmir, then there are only a few brands that can compete in quality and price with the Pir kachi Ghani mustard oil. This brand has gained its preeminent position in the market thanks to the intense focus on the selection of the mustard seed and the processing technology to make sure that the final product that reaches the consumer is of the highest quality. If you use the mustard oil of this brand, you will appreciate the high quality of the product.
When you are looking to buy pure mustard oil in Jammu and Kashmir or high-quality mustard cakes as animal feed for your cattle, then you can rely on the Pir Kachi Ghani mustard oil. Mustard oil fairs very highly in terms of nutritional value and other health benefits when we compare it with other edible oils. It not only makes the food tasty but also has numerous health benefits. Here we are mentioning some of the benefits that a person can get if he regularly cooks his food in the mustard oil.
Mustard oil good for the heart
Regular intake of mustard oil in your food is extremely beneficial for your heart. Research has shown that mustard oil has very high MUFA and PUFA contents. The fats you get from this oil lowers the risk percentage of getting a heart disease significantly. Additionally, the fats found in the mustard oil also helps in improving the function of the blood vessels that have a significant impact on keeping the blood pressure of an individual and helps to keep it in expected limits. It has also been noticed that mustard oil has a beneficial effect on keeping the insulin level at its optimum thereby reducing the chances of Diabetes 2 in any individual.
It is an antibacterial and antifungal oil
When you take mustard oil through your food or apply it on your skin externally, then you get a big boost to the antibacterial capability of your body. Mustard oil has this amazing property of fighting bacterial infection in the digestive tract that includes the colon and the intestine. Mustard oil is also found to be extremely advantageous in treating dental caries and fungal vaginal infections.
It keeps your hair shiny and healthy
If you like to have a long, shiny and healthy hair than massaging your scalp regularly with the mustard oil a fantastic way to go about it. Mustard oil has a high concentration of OMEGA-3 fatty acids that not only improve the growth of your hair but also helps to keep the scalp healthy and dandruff free.
It acts as an appetizer
Mustard oil also helps in increasing the appetite by stimulating the gastric juices in the stomach. It also helps in improving the secretion of the bile juice from the spleen and the liver. This has a tremendous impact on increasing the appetite of an individual.
All these benefits make the mustard oil one of the most preferred oils in the kitchen.  

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