Airbrush tanning: the pros and the cons

Flawless tan - the two words that are like music for people seeking the perfect skin tone. Airbrush tanning involves a technician applying tan solution on your body with the help of a compressor and an airbrush. Because of the active ingredient it contains, when the solution interacts with the skin, it produces a bronzing effect. But is this the best way to achieve the tan you are after? Opinions are divided on this one, and it truly depends on a couple of variables.

The pros
By using an airbrush, you can get more precise results than you would in a booth or doing it yourself at home. It is also a great alternative for people who do not have hours and hours to spare as the process is very speedy. Health and safety wise, the airbrush tanning uses an FDA-approved technique which gives skin the golden pigment colour. Nothing like UV light tanning, which can impose about the same dangers as exposure to the sun would: risk of skin cancer and other dermatological problems. This is why tanning by airbrush is considered to be the much safer option.

This option also gives you the freedom to select the tone that will best match your skin, unlike UV lighting or sun exposure, the technique ensures precision and uniformity. The next positive feature is less hassle for you overall. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to achieve a perfectly even tan on the beach with one having to constantly switch sides and positions. Moreover, the results can be seen immediately without having to wait hours, days or even weeks.

The cons
One con of using the airbrush technique is the price, as it can become quite expensive. One single session can easily go beyond £50, as this option is considered to generate more natural-looking results.  Another negative aspect would be the risk of getting a Donald Trumpian orange tan, unless the salon is properly equipped and the staffs know what they are doing.

Fake tanning has been gaining ground in the UK, with both females and males admitting they have used it at least once. According to recent number, about 41% of the women in the UK have used one or another form of sunless tanning, while half of the men admittedly applied sun spray before going clubbing. Because of these rising numbers, it is now more than ever important to raise awareness regarding both the benefits and the dangers a fake tan might have on your body.

Airbrush tanning has both pros and cons. It is better to be aware of all of them before making a decision about your tan. Each options has its own benefits and risks as shown above, if you want to go for the safer option and have the ‘perfect’ sort of tan, then airbrushing is for you. If on the other hand you feel you would like your tan to last longer and also get a Vitamin D boost, you might want to look into UV tanning or book an exotic holiday.

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