A Quick, Delicious Dessert Walk

When talking about food, no dinner or lunch can go fulfilling in the absence of desserts or sweets. When you are in India, you should feel privileged. Certainly, the country is brimming with exciting dishes and amazing eatables that are absolutely scrumptious and finger licking. There are different desserts out there that can fill you with satisfaction and tang.

Modak right from Maharashtra
Modak is a sweet dumpling exterior of which is made out of wheat flour or rice. Talking about the insides, they are packed with fresh coconut or jaggery. Southern and Western India is the apt place to search out modak and is known with various names like Sughiyan in Malayali, Kudumu in Telugu and Kadubuin Kannada.as soon as these soft dumpling melts  in your mouth, your taste buds begin to feel enrich and charmed.

Talking about Rasmalai, it is popular in entire India. You can find different variations in this scrumptious dish. This dish is prepared withsugar syrup and milk with pistachios, saffron and kheer as stuffing.  Mostly the homemade Rasmalai is prepared with powdered milk, all-purpose flour, the baking powder and oil. People add dry fruits too and different flavours as per their taste and preference. If you want to try it out, you can pick Rasmalai banana ki vidhi and prepare it right away. This dish is absolutely delicious and refreshing.

Mysore Pak
The most popular and relished dessert of Mysore and a regal one too, Mysore Pak was initially prepared in royal palace of Mysore by a cook known as Kakasurra. This scrumptious sweet is prepared with   sugar, ghee, gram flour and cardamom. The dish is prepared in rich butter. Indeed, the dish is a rich delight and can leave you feel enriched.

If you have ever been to Punjab or you live in Panjab; you might have come across a delicious bowl of GajarkaHalwa. This is a popular sweetish in Punjab and people love it to the core. It is indeed an attractive way of consuming carrots!  Though the dish is popular in the entire country, it was originated in Punjab. The dish is generally prepared during the months of winters and is a treat to have. Filled with milk, dry fruits and sugar; the dish is going to set the stage for your taste buds.

It is a scrumptioussweet dish from Kerala. It is the child of Keralian sweets. Neyyappam is a delicious dessert prepared with rice, ghee, jaggery, coconut pieces and of course cardamom powder.  Though the dish is found in every corner of Cochin, the finest place for Neyyappam is Thiruvananthapuram. It is an exclusive Indian sweet dish which is prepared with a special container called Appakaral and it can be stored up to a week in the airtight containers. A dinner in Kerala is not complete unless Neyyappam is served.

So, you have just walked through a few of the myriad sweet dishes and desserts of India. Get started with these and continue to explore more scrumptiousness!

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