Questions to Ask a Wrongful Death Attorney Before Hiring Them

Before you go to each of the offices and speak with each of the wrongful death attorneys, it is important to think of some major questions you are going to want to ask them.  You want to know more about them and what they can do for you.  You also want to get a feel for how they communicate and whether or not they would be a good fit for you in the court room.  

Compile a list of questions prior to going to them and speaking with them.  From there, you can feel more confident being able to remember everything you wanted to ask without having to worry about forgetting.  Remember or record each of their answers.  

1.       What is your experience and background with wrongful death cases, such as this one? — Knowing more about how they handle these cases and how well they know how to debate them in court is always good knowledge to have.  You want them to provide you with an idea of how the process works.  
2.       How much do you charge for your services? — Knowing how much to expect to pay for the services is also good.  However, you do not want to choose a lawyer based on the amount that they charge.  Some lawyers are just expensive and other cheaper lawyers might also not be the way to go.  Base your decision off of a few factors, not just cost.  
3.       Do you work with others or by yourself? — You want to meet the whole team if they work with a whole team.  This gives you an idea of who is going to be working on your case and know if they are qualified too or not.
4.       How many cases have you had and have you won from those? — Knowing how many successful cases they have had compared to how many they have had total is going to give you an idea of how well they do.  Keep in mind that they also might have had harder or easier cases then yours. 

You can add your own questions to this list, but these are the most important questions that you are going to ask.  These can provide you with some background and insight on which is the best one to go with and who you may want to work with that might be able to actually win your case.  

This is a big decision to make.  Take your time and evaluate the options.  You want your case to win in court and it might depend on the wrongful death attorney that you hire.  

If you find that you need help with a wrongful death case, speak with an attorney that has the experience and knowing to help you.  They can provide you with all of the information you need to get the case brought to court and help you find the restitution you deserve.  No one should have to lose their life due to someone else’s negligence.  Make sure that you are compensated fairly because of your loss.  Speak with a wrongful death attorney today! 

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