All about carpets and carpet grass

That a name so plain in appearance can hold infinite appeal and advantages seems implausible, but is, in fact, true. The name we are referring to here, is carpet grass. As mentioned above, the title looks simple but carries a world of possibilities inside it.

For the uninitiated, carpet grass is also known as artificial grass, and is the synthetic answer to nature's green blades. The reason for its growing popularity in the modern world is because it is extremely convenient and comes without its natural counterpart’s baggage.

Carpet grass suppliers in India are accustomed to receiving bulk orders of this artificial grass, that goes to maintenance of already existing patches or making new ones at home, office or simply any location or building whatsoever.

How it is created

Carpet grass or artificial grass is synthesized by a layer of man-made fibers like nylon and the likes. This layer is backed up by a durable felt surface that can be laid out beside the front porch or glued, using strong adhesives, to the roof or any other sloping surface outside or inside the house.


Its uses are wide and varied -

  1. In the sporting industry - The extremely popular and incredibly well financed world of sports sees a lot of uses of artificial grass. From stretching it across golf courts to cushioning a tennis player’s fall, carpet grass is used extensively. Cricket and football stadiums are immense benefactors since their vast expanse has to be covered with a sheath of grass. If one were to go with the natural alternative, a lot of problems crop up such as wetting of the grass before a game, or the constant need for trimming it to a proper length, since grass length controls important factors like spin, velocity and bounce height of the ball.
  2. Decorating your house - Often an underrated tool, carpet grass can be used in almost any part of the home to lend a natural theme to the decor, and add some greenery to the plastic and wood art dotting modern homes. From being able to spread it below coffee tables, to installing carpet grass on the roof, the synthetic alternative to mother nature’s own carpet, is coming into its own in the past few years.
  3. Recreation parks - Amongst the different rides and games found at an amusement park, strips of greenery can be found interspersing them. Going the traditional, all natural way, it becomes difficult to cultivate real grass in confined, small spaces or strips. With almost zero need of maintenance, artificial grass erases this need and, after being cut, fits into any nook or cranny easily.
Perceiving the growing international market, carpet exporters in India have begun manufacturing carpets that are inherently designed to allow the fixation of artificial grass on them. These products ship out in huge numbers and end up in offices, homes, tourist spots, public sites etc.

Carpet grass is already playing a major role in decor and has become the next word in convenience.

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