5 Reasons Why Oats Is A Must

Okay. So you come across an article that is related to food and you are all excited about the yummy delicacies you might be finding and already you are dreaming about having them, but No, what you see is Oats.

And disheartened you stop reading it right away. So now, this time I want you to read it. Just once, a quick glance will be fine. And within two minutes I can convince you to have Oats everyday. Read on:

1. A Fountain Of Nutrients.

Yes, you know how beautiful fountains look with the waters right! Now just for two minutes, consider your bowl of oats as a fountain. And then as imaginary lines you see the nutrients flowing out. The vitamins from the one side, the minerals from the other. And then comes the proteins, antioxidants, iron and good carbohydrates. The fibre helps in fullness thus making it an overall healthy and nutrient rich food.

2. Helps In Weight Loss.

Okay, I'll get to this very straight. You have carbohydrates but the least calories, you have the fibre but the least fat. Now tell me, what else can I say. I know. Even I was shocked to realize that this whole grain can be so beneficial as a diet food. Almost every Dietician (Yes, even mine) advices one to have a least of one meal of oats. With proper exercise and the ever healthy 6 meal diet( All consisting of oats), your weight loss is sure to happen.

3. The Health Benefits

Now if you are thinking that I am going to ask you to refer points 1 and 2 for the health benefits, then maybe you are wrong. Yes, apart from the ones I just told, there are many other health benefits of oats. Let's make it as a list:
  • Great Digestion, as they contain soluble fibre.
  • Can effectively reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL).
  • Blood sugar levels remain normal due to the presence of less glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Reduces heart risks and stroke occurrences.
4. The Skin Glows

Now this maybe something that you wouldn't have heard right? Well then, you have to believe it now. You must have surely come across certain beauty and skin care products that have pata in them right! Well they are called colloidal oatmeals and help the skin not through the diet but by directly applying them to your skin. They help with the glow and protection, but also they have a long history of healing skin diseases. When it came to rashes or itching or even eczema, they provided helpful relieving symptoms.

5. The Delicacies
Well I come across many people who hate the very idea of having oats as a meal. They simply refuse to try it and outright call it bland in taste. What? Even you think like that? No no. It's not true. And really it isn't true. The best of oat dishes is just a few clicks away. Right from your breakfast, lunch and dinner, Oats will somehow find a way to be a dish. Leaving these three main meals apart, there are hundreds of puddings and sweets and snacks one can have with the oats. The world internet goes gaga over these dishes. Why don't you?

Okay? Now convinced. My work's done. But yours isn't. Now that you know how good they are, why don't you try them right away. Go on. If you have some really exquisite and healthy recipe, they please tell me too. I too am a big fan of oats.

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Happy Health..  :-)

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