Pig Ears for DOGS; Safe or Not?

More dog owners are becoming a fan of pig ears for their puppies. However, if you are new to handling a puppy, you might wonder if these pig ears are safe for them. It looks hard to digest and some complained that it can cause diarrhea to the puppies. However, if you check out the best Dog Resource Site, you may be surprised to learn that these pig ears are meant to be treats, no a meal substitute.

So is it safe for puppies? Puppies can be very soft in the stomach. They won't be able to digest hard foods which is why it is advisable to feed them small frequent meals. But since this is a trend with dog owners these days, let's take a look at what these pigs are, if it has any nutritional value, and if it's safe for our puppies.

Pig Ears For Puppies. According to veterinarians, pig ears are not the reason why dogs have diarrhea. The real culprit is us, humans. Pig ears should be given as a TREAT, not a MEAL. If you give too much of it, the puppies will have a hard time digesting it. So does pig ears cause diarrhea? NO.

Puppy Treats! Pig ears are tasty. They are usually made of 100% pork. These can be given to your puppies as a snack. This dried, crunchy treat is used by owners to remove food residue as well as the plaque from the dog's teeth.

High-Fat Content. Even in humans, pork consumption can increase our fat levels. This is the same with dogs. Although dogs may require fat in their diet, too much of it can be detrimental to their health. When the dog is overweight, it can cause diabetes, heart diseases or even long-term health problems.

Not For Pups with Sensitive Tummies. Pig ears should not be given to puppies or dogs who have sensitive stomachs. If they will consume pig ears, this is when the dogs experience gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea or vomiting. Since these treats are dried and chunky, when dogs are not able to chew them properly, it can cause an obstruction to the digestive system.

HDP Pig Ears. This is made of 100% natural pork. This product is best for puppies. These pig ears are oven baked. They are very rich in protein which is the best "treat" for your puppies. These treats will encourage your puppies to chew which can help them develop healthy gums and teeth. This can also eliminate bad breath.

Salmonella bacteria ingestion is one of the problems when we give our puppies pig ears that are not bought from reputable sources. When buying pig ears, make sure that it's from  Best Dog Resource Site to avoid giving your puppies contaminated treats.

After buying pig ears, it should be heat treated for about half a day to make sure that it's safe for your puppies to eat. You can also chat with your dog's vet to verify the treatment process before you give your puppies these crunchy treats.

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