How to prepare for a neurosurgery

Have you been diagnosed with a serious neurological problem that needs surgery? Do you have early onset of parkinson’s or memory disorders or a brain tumour? Well then these are some of the most serious neurological problems which are best treated with proper consultation and more often than not surgery.

Some say that neurosurgery is the trickiest to perform. This is mainly because, even if the scalpel so much as touches something that it ought not to during the operation, then the entire nervous system might collapse and hence when it comes to neurosurgery you cannot help but consult the top 10 neuro physician in india.

Expert and experienced hands are what you are going to need when it comes to neurosurgery and hence you should trust none but the best. Neurosurgeons generally tend not to opt for surgery, until and unless they believe that surgery can truly cure the disease. They often suggest curative methods to treat the illness. If a neurosurgeon does ask you to opt for surgery, it is always best to first get a second opinion and if the two opinions match then only should you opt for surgery. 

Preparing for a neurosurgery

The prospect of having a neurosurgery like a surgery in the brain or spine can be spine chilling in itself. However you need to keep your calm and prepare yourself for the surgery psychologically. One thing that you have to remember that a neurosurgery is a long drawn process and the recovery time is much longer. You might have to stay at the hospital for quite some time and you will need even a longer period of rest when at home. Thus make arrangements at your home while you are at the hospital for surgery and you should have one trained medical assistant at your home at all times, keeping an eye on you, after you are discharged from the hospital after the surgery.

You need to also find the best place for having your neurosurgery. The safest thing to do would be to find out who the best neurosurgeon doctor in india, consult the doctor and get the operation done under her/him, which might be in any hospital where he/she consults and performs surgeries.

You need to be clear about where your medical insurance papers and whether or not they will cover your surgery. Neurosurgery is expensive and hence you need to make financial provisions for such a surgery, otherwise you might end up with a financial burden.

It is important to be aware from the very beginning that neurosurgery entails a lot of risk. You need to know that you might not be able to completely recover after the surgery or might even become paralysed.

Your surgeon will tell you about the complications and hence you should prepare yourself mentally that anything might happen during or as a result of the surgery. There is always a possibility that the problem that you are dealing with may not get solved after the surgery and hence you need to be aware of that too.

These are some pointers that will help you to prepare for a neurosurgery. Get well soon!

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