Choose Wisdom Capital the Best Broking House for Your Trading Account

Making money is a serious business and there is plenty of money you can make. But, one must have the right broker behind him. You are making a new life with your money and the only one to help you do it is the broker in whom you place your trust.

Choose your broker with care

You can see why one must take special care while choosing the broker. They are the world when you consider money and you will not go anywhere without them. To see which the Best Trading Account is you have to check a few market metrics and make comparisons.

The first thing to check is the brokerage. This is elementary since you do not want to lose money every time you make a trade. One way of making money is not spending it. The lowest brokerage offered by any broker is zero – by Wisdom Capital. This narrows the search down a bit but one must check to make sure that you will get all the instruments and devices you need to trade on a regular basis.

Usefulness of a discount broker

Wisdom Capital is a discount broker. People use a discount broker for trading when they do not want any interference or advice from their broker. They are people who know what they are doing and they do it. The get the least interference from their broker and that is one reason for choosing Wisdom Capital.

Since all accounts have their good and bad points, the concept of the Best Trading Account depends wholly on what you are looking for from trading and Demat account. You begin the trading account with Wisdom Capital or any other broking house by filling in the form first. With Wisdom Capital, you get unlimited monthly trading plans at NSE, BSE, and MCX. You do not have any least brokerage. You can do semi or automated in full Algo trading. You can trade Nifty and Crude with 3000 margins. For Mega Gold, you have 9000 margin.

Comparing Sharekhan and Wisdom Capital

On a comparative note, when you see Sharekhan and Wisdom Capital side by side, you see Sharekhan is the third largest broking house having begun operations in 2000. Wisdom Capital began operating in 2013 and is a discount brokerage firm. So, you can expect and will get lesser charge for trading on Wisdom Capital platform. The stock broker charges is zero for Wisdom Capital while Sharekhan takes Rs 750 trading account opening fees.

Wisdom Capital offers a flat Rs 9 trading plan across all segments. Sharekhan charges 0.1% brokerage for Equity Intraday, Currency Futures, Commodity trading and Equity Futures. For Equity Options the brokerage is Rs 100 per lot. For Currency Options you must pay Rs 30 per lot. You can see how calculating the brokerage is much easier with Wisdom Capital and much lesser also in most cases.

Once you have decided you can check the other details regarding the account opening. The best time to invest is now if you have the money. The rest of the things can wait. 

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