What Are The Common Features Of Magic-Mirror Booths?

Magic-mirror booth has been recognized as one of the most innovative inventions of photo-booth world. This is the recent entertainment craze for all occasions or events especially weddings, birthdays, corporate events and many more. The whole nation is getting completely swept by this particular concept that has been introduced in the year 2016.

Magic mirror hire in Hertfordshire can help in receiving glamorous photos for absolutely free of cost. Your photos will look absolutely stunning and you can preserve them easily in your handy photo-album. A special kind of screen paint-pad is being used for creating marvelous photos. You can also collect these photos as great memories.

The print of your clicked photos can be received within few seconds and thus you do not require holding your anxiousness for long. Both individual and group photos can be clicked with magic-mirror booth. You can even make instant hire of these booths without any previous intimation. If you are already connected with any photo-booth company then you can surely get the facility of availing these booths instantly.

List of attractive features:

There are some attractive features that can help in the easy and quick recognition of magic-mirror booths. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows:
  • Full-length photos can be now easily clicked just with finger-touch. Touch-screens are really quite flexible and thus you will face no difficulty in clicking photos with the use of the same. Attractive close-ups can also be captured in photos.
  • The booths are highly equipped with more than 100 sounds and mirror-flash animations. BBC-Radio-2 Studio is being used for making the photos recorded well.
  • Multiple layout-options are available out of which you can now choose the most attractive one that can make your photos more glamorous. Both multi and single shots are allowed out here. While hiring Magic mirror hire in Hertfordshire, you should make sure that the settings are extremely flexible and then only you can alter the same as per your own requirements.
  • Customized logos, templates, layouts and messages can be added for adding acute personalization features. This is how photos can be easily and instantly customized for developing an amazing impression. Customized photos can enhance the overall value of your photo-album. Admin-menu can be conveniently scrolled for making the photos administered well.
  • Photos can be signed by means of using on-screen paint-pads. Different stamp varieties are being added and on the other hand you can use the special paint-brush for creating absolutely customized designs. Special LED-based flash is being used for making the photos more prominent and clear. You just have to face camera-lens directly in order to get the best clicks.
Different languages are found within these booths. You can also find a special editing-tool that helps in making necessary changes in your photos. You can now avail pay-per-use options on Magic mirror hire in Hertfordshire. 

Digital props or accessories can also be added for enhancing the aesthetic or decorative value of your photos to a great extent.

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