Tatkal Booking is never easy

Whenever you go travelling, it is only detrimental that you book your tickets beforehand because of tons of reasons. One, tickets can be very expensive especially if it’s close to the date of when you are supposed to go. Two, it is because you will never know if that day is already fully booked or not. There are some people who, believe it or not, would still order their tickets the day before they are supposed to travel which is not a really smart move. Good thing though that in India, they have what you call an irctc tatkal booking time where you can still book your tickets and travel the next day.

There are several things that you will need to know before you go all excited about having a reason to not book your train tickets until the very last day. This is because the government have some rules that you need to jot down so that you will be aware if you can get those tickets or not, since they are always sold out. They have implemented tatkal booking because a lot of them have been experiencing some difficulties with the train bookings, which made tatkal very convenient to a lot of people.

when are the Tatkal Booking times?
It has been updated that you are only allowed to book your tickets a day before you are supposed to go. So for example, if you are going on the 15th, then you should book your tickets on the 14th. And they are a lot stricter when it comes to the time of when you are allowed to book. This is for everybody who is living in India and nobody is exempted.

Are there any classes that a person should take not of?
Apparently, there are two classes. One is the AC Class, and the other is called the Sleeper Class. For the AC Class, you can book your tickets from 10am to 11am only. The Sleeper Class is one hour later which starts at 11am. As you can see, there is only a one-hour timeframe. This is because tickets are always sold out within that time and sometimes, even after 45 minutes. This is very important so that you can book your tickets right away.

Is there any way that you can book a ticket aside from online?
You can get an agent that will book a ticket in behalf of you. Their timeframes would be from 10.20am for the AC Class, and 11.30am for the Sleeper Class. There is also a General Class which starts at 8am. They are allowed to book about 30minutes late, which means they are privileged so you can be sure to get your tickets when you hire them. You will have to pay a service fee though because it’s still a job nonetheless.

Using the Tatkal Booking is never easy considering the many opponents you will be having when you are booking your ticket within a 1-hour timeframe. it can be stressful and there is a chance that you won’t be able to get yours. So the moral of the story is: always plan ahead of time especially if you know that you will be facing situations like these.

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