How to arrange the furniture in living room

As the name describes living room is the most important part of the house. When you think about the decoration of the house probably this is the first place you about the living room. Living room plays a versatile role in the house and so their beautification require the most care.

For some people, living room can be reserved a place for the entertaining the guest and for some, it can be the casual place. Some use it as the place to relax after the huge, hectic day where they can watch TV and enjoy other activities.

Whether you use the living room for the guest or as the place for relaxation you might face issues with the arrangement of the furniture. To get the best living room décor it is important to arrange the furniture in the best way possible. There are some points to remember while arranging the furniture in the living room:
  • Find a focal point to place the furniture. The focal point should be near the fireplace and the window. Better to check the place where you can place the TV too.
  • Use the furniture in a way that people can comfortably make conversation while seating in the areas. The arrangement should be alike people do not have to shout and move necks while talking to another.
  • Never forget about the side space. Leave enough space for the people to move from around the furniture. This can allow them to easily get from one side to the other side of the room.
  • Commonly, people do one mistake while placing the furniture which is they used to place the furniture touching the wall. Luxury living roomdesigner always suggest to pull furniture from the walls. It will create a more intimate seating view in the living room.
Furniture size and placements
  • Chairs and Sofa:  Before purchasing the chairs and sofa for the living room better to check and measure the space. Probably you do not want to buy them too small and too big furniture. It is better to make a floor plan before purchasing the furniture. Just take a piece of paper and draw online as per the measurements. Find the spots where you want to put the sofa and chair and calculate the extra space. This will help you to arrange the furniture appropriately and also manage the extra space in the living room.
  • Rug: Rug is the best way to define the seating area in the living room. Usually, people make a mistake while choosing the rug, they go for a small rug instead of the big one. Better to purchase a big rug as furniture can sit comfortably on it. But if you feel like your room space is less than you can get a rug on which front legs of the furniture can be placed perfectly. As advised by thedesingners small furniture like chair and tables should have their four legs on the table.
  • Side table: Side tables are important for the living room. The number of the table depending on the seating arrangement of the living room. You need to arrange them in a way that everyone can set comfortably and can use side tables to place their drinks instead of walking t the table every time.

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