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The fact is India has been culturally and linguistically divided into two parts, namely, North India and South India. Both have their own significance and importance in history and there are religious spots belonging to all faiths located everywhere. If the desire is to visit South India to check out is beauty and grandeur, then the planning has to be a meticulous one. Since there are numerous tourist spots to be visited here, it will not be humanely possible to visit them all in a single trip. Rather, there will have to be made several trips to cover the important locations here.

Visiting South India

This part of the country is known to relate more towards religious affairs. If the desire is to be among nature during the trip, then entire South India boasts of offering the tourists with what they require. There are three major oceans that surround the southern part of the country, namely, the Bay of Bengal to the East, Indian Ocean in the South and the Arabian Sea towards the west. But all of them are said to merge at the popular pilgrimage spot Kanyakumari. According to the locals, it is possible to differentiate the waters of all the three oceans here. During the trip to Kanyakumari, one can also have that feeling of reaching the tip of the country. Besides the famous temple here, also is located the world popular Vivekananda rock, where Swami Vivekananda had meditated here. Availing the Madurai Rameshwaram Kanyakumari tour package can help the tourist to explore the region to its fullest and enjoy thoroughly the entire trip.


There are different types of festivals that are celebrated here and considered to be among the main attractions for tourist to come here and to witness the splendour and grandeur. Kerala boasts of organizing the much popular boat race that is held during the Onam festival. During early January is organized the kite festival here. Pongal is famous in Tamil Nadu, marking the start of the sowing season.
Selecting the reputed travel agent can help the aspiring tourist to plan his tour involving family and friends. South Indian tours could be divided roughly into:
·         Temple tour: There are thousands of temples scattered all over Tamil Nadu. Those temples are known to reflect the country’s ancient history and also have stories surrounding them. Fortunately, they were left un-destructed by the foreign invaders during those times.
·         Hill station tour: There are several amazing hill stations here that is a must visit for people of all ages and reasons. Honeymoon couples can find the hill stations here to be quite interesting and romantic.
·         Retreat tour: Those who want to enjoy nature can enjoy their trip here. The beaches, the rich vegetation, flora and fauna and the popular Ayurvedic resorts and therapy can be really mesmerizing.
·         Festivals tour: Since there are different religious practiced here, there are festivals celebrated with great devotion and passion. Checking out the calendar can help the tourist to plan the tour accordingly.

In short, there is plenty to see and enjoy in the whole of South India.

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