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Properties infested with pests require urgent solutions to eliminate them and restore order and peace. For this purpose, professional pest control agencies are required to deal with all kinds of pests. The pest control agencies not only bring the pests under control but also devise long term solutions to prevent pest problems in the future.

The pest control services essex are well equipped to deal with a plethora of pests using different techniques. Some of them have been discussed here.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice cause a lot of damage to the property apart from spreading various harmful diseases such as leptospirosis, typhoid, etc. There is also the risk of getting bitten by the rodents. The pest control services essex usually employ small baits scattered all over the property to catch mice.

The baits are left in the property for several days and some follow-up visits are also required for complete eradication. In case of rats, the agencies use rodenticides or bait boxes which are left at the burrows or the nesting places of the rats. Two to three visits are usually required to ensure complete eradication of the rats.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs can infest a number of rooms apart from beds. The bed bugs often bite the occupants of the property leading to allergic reactions. The pest control services essex clear out the affected rooms prior to starting the pest control procedure. This involves removing the pieces of furniture and other items along with bedsheets and curtains.

Thereafter, a high grade chemical is sprayed on the areas infested with bed bugs. The chemical remains effective even after three weeks which ensures that bed bugs coming in contact with the treated areas continue to die. The treated surfaces take about 1-2 hours for drying. Contact with the surfaces is prohibited during this period.


Cockroach is a major menace in both domestic and commercial properties. Two kinds of cockroaches are found in Essex namely German cockroach and Oriental cockroach. German cockroach thrives in hot environments and is commonly found in kitchens. It also carries harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella.

The pest control agencies usually employ a combination of liquid pesticide spray and dust along with Fipronil gel to eradicate German cockroach. Oriental cockroach, on the other hand, thrives better in cold environments and is usually present in drains and dustbins. This kind of cockroach is difficult to eradicate because their egg cases are highly resistant. Thus, the pest control services need to repeatedly use combinations of gels and pesticides to ensure their total eradication.


Black ant, Pharaoh ant and ghost ant are the three common species of ants found in UK. Properties infested by thousands and thousands of ants are treated by pesticide specialists using both domestic insecticides and boiling water. The specialists are well trained to spot the locations easily.

The pest control services are available for both domestic and commercial properties. Pest control plans and strategies are made after inspection of the property by the specialists. The specialists also suggest methods to prevent future pest problems.

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