A streak of South Indian Food!

When you are in India, it is obvious that you are going to get a huge variety in food and eatables. Be it South India, North India or any other part of this country; every spot has something delicious to cater. The scrumptiousness is stemmed from every part of this country. Talking specifically about south India, you can find its whole gamut of eatables, snacks and dishes.
You know what, these South Indian eatables and dishes are not only mouth-watering; they are eye watering too.  Come on, it is so because theyare thehottest of all types of Indian food. You can walk through plenty of dishes that are popular in South India and are famous as south Indian dishes. You can even learn them also. For example, just check out Idli banane kividhi and you can become an expert at this delicious and filling dish of idli.


It is needless to say that Idli is the most popular among South-Indian eatables.  Theseidlisare fluffy and absolutely savoury rice/lentils cakes that are healthy snacks and breakfast. These are fermented before they get steam cooked.  Such a thing makes it easy to get metabolize in bodythat makes them a nice nutritious choice for breakfast. It is not all; these delicious idlisdo not put any calories on your hip line. You can make the most of these idlis with sambhar and coconut chatni. Everyone from kids to oldies loves this delicious dish.

Tamarind rice

Tamarind rice is something that can considerbeinga quick fix meal for extremely busy people. It is loved by many south Indians mainly if they are to pack a meal in lunch box. It is also a must eatable to be cooked during the times of festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and so on.  It is also served in temples.  In traditional times, is was prepared with boiled or steamed rice that is garnished with peanuts, tamarind juice, red chilli, coriander leaves, curry leaves, grated coconut, pepper, jaggery, mustard seeds, turmeric, fenugreek, asafoetida, cumin and black gram. It not just looks scrumptious but taste too!

Masala Dosa

This thin crispy dosa, beautifully stuffed with potatoes, aromatic spices and fried onions,served with sambharand chutney is the present of South India to the world.  In this present era, Masala Dosa is ranked thirty ninth among the most delicious foods in the world as per a latest research. It is considered one of the most romantic snacks that are shared by lovers in comfortable and cosy restaurants.


Rasamis a mandatory portion of south Indian food. It is delicious strong soup made up of tamarind pulp as its chief ingredient that is then blend with diverse spices, finally to be toughened with curry leaves and mustard. It is both eaten with rice or separately as a delicious soup. It is the most watery among all gravies prepared in India and is popular as awonderful digestive aid.

So, it was just a quick peep into the deliciousness of South India. If you are craving for more, go ahead and experience delicious food of this area of India.

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