9 Tips to Find the Right Speaker Regarding Motivation.

Now a day, many people spend thousands of bucks in order to get motivated and inspired. Though motivation speeches are in trend now, not everyone has the ability to deliver the right kind of motivational speeches. If you are looking forward to hosting an occasion where thespeaker is required to give motivational speeches, then you have to choose the speaker wisely to get the right kind of output. The article discusses 9 tips to find the right speaker regarding motivational speeches. Check the characteristics that a motivational speaker should have.

  1. Does the homework to know the audience
Going blankly in front of the audience to deliver a speech is never okay. This is because one has to modify the content of the speech in a manner that it suits the age group of the people who are attending the event. A good speaker always tries to know the audience in front of whom they are going to deliver the motivational speech. A good homework is needed to know the age group of the audience including the profession. Depending upon the composition of the audience, the content should be developed.
  1. They know how to entertain the audience
Delivering motivational speech doesn’t mean that one has to remain serious all the time while delivering the speech. In fact, this approach spoils the environment for the people. Whenever the speaker is delivering the motivational speech, it has to be made sure that certain kind of entertainment part is added to it for bringing a fun factor instead of the same old boring stuff. Karren Brady speaker is one such speaker who knows how to entertain the audience even when she is motivating them.
  1. They don’t drink before delivering the speech
It is very important to check the past history of the speaker. Drinking before delivering a speech is a big no. In fact, it can lead to a career disaster of the speaker. Make sure that the speaker whom you are choosing is confident enough to deliver a speech in the sober mood. Even a sip before delivering the speech before the audience will leave a bad impression of both the speaker and you.
  1. Check the availability
Make sure that the motivation speaker is ready to deliver the speech in the time slot that you have prepared for them. Delivering a speech after dinner will serve no purpose at all because the energy level of the audience during that time will be the lowest. Even a small speech after dinner will look like a never-ending speech to the audience. So, make sure that the speaker is available for delivering a speech before the dinner.
  1. Check the creativity of the speaker
The speaker should be creative enough to change the content and the tone of the speech depending on the mood of the audience. Never go with a speaker who has a rigid structure for delivering the speech because things may not always go according to the plan.
  1. The speaker should be confident
There is no point in bringing a speaker who is not confident. A person who is not confident will never be able to produce any kind of confidence among the audience and delivering a motivational speech surely needs confidence. Make sure that the motivation speaker whom you are planning to bring on the stage is confident.
  1. Never hire a speaker who just can’t stop speaking
Telling stories which have no context with the speech is plain stupid. A short and crisp speech is always better than a long speech that lacks content. An entertaining speech can soon become boring if delivered for a long time. The motivational speaker should have the ability to motivate people in a very short span of time. Baroness Karren Brady is one such speaker who can do that effortlessly.
  1. Check the dressing sense of the speaker
A speaker while delivering the speech should be well dressed. It is very important so that the audience has a good impression of the speaker. When you first meet the motivational speaker, look at their dressing sense. Even watching past photographs of the speaker will give you an idea about the seriousness of the speaker.
  1. The speaker should be brimming with positive energy
One can spread positive vibe around them when they themselves are positive. The speaker should have a general positive outlook towards the life. They should have their own struggles but still, they should maintain a positive view about everything.

When you find these characteristics in a speaker, you should confidently choose him or her as a motivational speaker for the special occasion that you have been planning for such a long time. Before making the decision, it is advised that you attend their speech once. This will actually give you a very clear idea about the elements that you want in your speaker.

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