5 Common Myths Associated with Diabetes Debunked

Diabetes happens to be one of the most talked about diseases today. The internet, newspapers and magazines are flooded with diabetes related information. But do you think that all of that is true? It is not. You will come across a number of myths about diabetes that are commonly said to be facts. These can lead to a lot of harm and can create an unfair stigma around the condition.

While it is increasingly vital to check all the online reviews about glucometers and the glucometer price that you want to purchase, at the same time it is also advisable that you check the validity of the information regarding diabetes that you just got on the internet prior to believing it.

That is why, here an attempt is made to bring to you the most common myths associated with this disease and the true facts behind them.

·         Myth 1 –Skinny people do not get diabetes and you have to be overweight to get the disease

Fact: Obesity is undoubtedly one of the greatest contributors to Type 2 Diabetes. But keep it in mind that blood sugar can crop up in skinny people, too, with age. Moreover, genetics also plays a major role, in this case. In fact, experts suggest that people who are 45 years and older should get their blood sugar level checked every three years. If you have symptoms or are overweight then you can check it earlier. You should be extra careful if you have some additional risks like you have a family history of diabetes, have a very sedentary lifestyle, have a personal history of gestational diabetes, have polycystic ovary syndrome, have heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol and so on.

·         Myth 2 –People with diabetes can’t eat sugar

Fact: This is one of the most common myths associated with diabetes that people who are in this condition have to eat a sugar–free diet. It is not at all true. The fact is that diabetics should always have a balanced diet that includes moderate levels of sugar. So people with diabetes can have sugar and it is not that they have to completely abstain from it.

·         Myth 3 –People with diabetes should limit their physical activity

Fact: The truth is, in fact, just the opposite. Exercise not only helps to keep your blood sugar level under control but it also helps to control your blood pressure level, cholesterol level and will help to reduce weight. The common symptoms of diabetes like nerve damage and heart disease can also be controlled with physical activity.

·         Myth 4 – Type 2 diabetes is mild

Fact: The diabetes myth is quite widely spread. But, of course, it is not true. Remember that no form of diabetes is mild. It can lead life-threatening complications if Type 2 diabetes is not managed and controlled in the right way. Good control can lead to the betterment of the condition but that does not mean that the condition is not serious by itself.

·         Myth 5 – Diabetic people are more prone to be ill

Fact: People with diabetes are more likely to get infected or catch a cold. The significance of the ailments for the diabetic people is that it makes the management of the blood glucose level more difficult that enhances the infection and the illness. That is why you should be more careful and prevent ailments.

The above are some of the most common myths associated with diabetes. Use the best glucometer in India, follow a healthy and balanced diet, take your medications and exercise regularly to lead a life where diabetes cannot cause any hindrance. 

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