How to Take Care of Telomeres To Prevent Aging?

Aging is a natural thing that occurs in every stage and in every living organisms. Aging is also known as the onset of the disease era of humans. Many people sought ways to keep themselves young and to prevent that phase to happen. Aging is unpreventable and definitely inevitable but it can be delayed.

Telomeres of chromosomes in cells had been known to play a vital role in keeping cells young and also the entire human body. The longer the telomeres are the more youthful the cells are. Telomeres in the body need to be taken care of in order to prolong its existence in the chromosome and also to prevent mutation that will trigger the disease causing cells. Here is how to take care of telomeres to prevent aging.

Moderate Exercise

To keep the telomeres healthy, it does not actually require a very extensive form of exercise. A simple three times a week jog or walk can naturally maintain the length of the telomeres. Whatever weight a person has does not affect the telomeres. In fact, repetitive weight gain and weight loss speed up the shortening of the telomere. Decreasing body fat is more healthy for the telomere rather than weight loss.

Less Sugar Intake

In accordance with the fact that a decrease in body fat is good for the telomeres, minimizing sugar intake is the most helpful method for reducing body fat. It has been proven that a large intake of sugar can reduce the telomere’s length drastically. So this only shows that an occasional small intake of sugar is what is only needed.

More Fish Intake

Fish or any food that is reached in omega 3 is not only a good brain and heart food but it is also good for the telomeres. Omega 3 fatty acids had been proven to keep telomeres long. It has been tested that those who intake a rich amount of omega 3 have saved about 25% of dying cells in their body in four years.

Avoiding Supplements

Telomerase had been proven and tested that it can maintain the length of telomeres. There are commercial supplements that claim to increase telomerase enzymes in telomeres. However, this is can be very dangerous since there haven’t been any strong evidence and study regarding the creation of telomerase supplements. For the meantime, avoid these supplements.

Relieving Stress

As commonly known by everyone, stress helps humans age faster. It has been known that stress can speed up the shortening of telomeres. Doing meditation and other stress-relieving activities can prevent the speed up. It can also recharge the telomeres and naturally produce telomerase.

With these simple yet very helpful ways, anyone can keep their telomeres from speeding up aging. Telomerase enzymes are strengthened and keep the telomeres from rapid breakdown. Telomere shortening is only reduced at a very minimum level during cell division making delays in the effects of aging. As mentioned earlier, aging is inevitable but it can be delayed by healthy telomeres and give people more healthy years of life.

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