All You Need To Know About Booking A Measured Building Survey

Measured surveys are a precise way of recording of the structure, property or land which is carried out for the purpose of verification. These are also used for identifying the gaps between the actual construction and the original plan, calculating the area and measuring the floor plans, sections and elevations. When you hire a surveyor, you can expect the output to be literally anything from the basic layout of the floor to a 3-D model of the building.  

Builders, surveyors and architects book a measured building survey so as to work effectively and systematically, with a number of agencies offering these services, the task of finding one isn’t as difficult as was before.
When is Measured Survey Required?
You can book a measured building survey when the property is being redeveloped or you are planning to extend it. It also turns out to be beneficial when you as a homeowner want detailed information regarding the property so as to design a safety plan. Owners get an accurate detailed record of the property as it covers internal and external elevations, internal floor plans and at times building cross sections as well. When this report is linked to the topographic survey, it can prove to be useful and comprehensive.
How Is Measured Survey Performed?
The surveyors need to make several preparations before then can begin. A skilled surveyor would gather as much information as possible. They would use modern techniques like GPS, Google Maps as well as several other useful tools to get to know more about the surroundings, layout, orientation and obstacles. As is quite obvious, they would be more efficient and accurate with their work, if they have prepared themselves well.
In case, the structure is large, the survey would be conducted in different sections. The surveyors would use one page for one section, draw the measures and then move on over to the next section. This process would continue till each section is covered. Also, if the surveyors are using lasers to measure, the process wouldn’t take as long as it would with the conventional methods.
The surveyors usually begin from one corner of the building and then continue to take a measurement in a clockwise and at times in an anti-clockwise direction. Full and running measurements are taken so as to eliminate any kind of error. Diagonal measurements are usually taken for accuracy. The thickness of the wall is measured internally and externally. The floor thickness and height of the ceilings aids in measuring the sections and elevations.
Why Should Measured Surveys Be Done Accurately?
When you book a measured building survey, you must remember that it must be done accurately as it is critically essential. Any kind of errors at this stage can have severe implications like disputes, additional expenses, unnecessary delays and disagreements. Hence, it is essential to appoint people who have trained adequately and have enough experience.
You must remember that an experienced team of professionals combined with state-of-art technology can produce very favorable results for you. The details and information can, of course, be tailored individually according to your requirements.

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