5 Countries Where Dianabol is Illegal

Steroids are very rampant and popular especially to those who are athletes, bodybuilders, and even ordinary gym goers. Anyone who would want to have a nice bulky body will consider taking steroids. For those who want the extra strength steroids offer, they are also interested about steroids. One of the most popular steroids that exist today is Dianabol.

Dianabol is known to be one of the first steroids that came into existence. However, it is also much known for being very powerful and very lethal if not properly used. Because of these reasons, many countries had condemned Dianabol to illegal in their territories. Here are only five of the countries where Dianabol is illegal.

South Africa

If a buyer is thinking to buy Dianabol in South Africa because it is surely cheap to buy one there, he must think again and cross out South Africa. South Africa does not allow personal use of Dianabol like for bodybuilding and muscle strengthening. Dianabol is only allowed to intake if it is for medical purposes. A prescription of a reputable doctor is needed to be presented upon purchase.

New Zealand

New Zealand almost has the same rule like South Africa regarding Dianabol. The only ones who can buy Dianabol are the ones who need it for medical reasons. Also, no one is allowed to buy Dianabol online and have it imported to New Zealand. It will only be held in the country’s customs department.


France, on the other hand, have very strict laws concerning Dianabol. Since 2008, France had categorized Dianabol as a poisonous substance. A mere possession of the said steroid is strictly prohibited and users may be sentenced to up to five years of imprisonment. Production and transportation of the said steroid are also unlawful and are tantamount to high penalties.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom had classified Dianabol as a Class C Drug. This means that Dianabol is labeled to be very risky in the body’s health and it has a high possibility of drug abuse. Importing and selling Dianabol must have a permit beforehand or else these actions will be categorized as crimes. Buying and possessing Dianabol in the country without proof of medical purpose is also considered unlawful.

The United States of America

Just like the United Kingdom, the United States of America condemned Dianabol illegal in all of its territories. Importing, buying, selling, possessing and intaking of Dianabol are all illegal and can accumulate massive fines and a year of imprisonment on the first offense. Multiple offenses can cause up to 5 years of imprisonment. Use of Dianabol for medical purposes is also allowed but very limited. Luckily, Dianabol alternatives are allowed in the said country.

If a potential Dianabol buyer is located in any of this mentioned countries, he should not push his chances on buying one. The buyer must be very cautious especially if he is in those countries who have harsh penalties concerning Dianabol. However, luckily, Dianabol is legal to buy in certain countries. Just click the link.

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