Premium Mattress Cleaning in Adelaide at your Doorstep!

Mattresses are probably the most used items of comfort in every home. With a variety of mattresses and brands to regale the market, it does become quite a challenge to choose the perfect one. However, having said that, besides purchasing a good mattress, its maintenance and upkeep is equally important. A new mattress won’t remain clean for very long and hence it is imperative to clean them regularly. Mattress cleaning Adelaide is taken very seriously and it is of utmost importance to choose the right methods to clean one at your home.

Humans shed a layer of skin every 28 to 38 days, which is absolutely invisible to the naked eye. As per a study conducted by the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology a person’s mattress is highly likely to contain over 10 million dust mites inside. Sleeping on unclean mattresses for a very long time may result in skin allergies or asthma, etc. the invisible dust, dirt, grime and allergens are so actively at play that it can pose a serious health concern over a period of time. At times, dusting the mattress every other day along with change in sheets may not be sufficient to keep you and your family safe from allergens. Mites may not get dusted away easily and may still remain on the mattress.

There are different methods adopted to clean mattresses regularly, without hindering your routine life. From bacteria removal to deep stain removal, there are a variety of methods that are undertaken to ensure the longevity of your mattress.

Methods adopted for effective mattress cleaning:
  1. Dry brush of mattress to remove any excess dust or dirt
  2. Vacuum with specialized filtered vacuums
  3. Preconditioning of mattress using a neutral shampoo
  4. Scrub with specially designed hands mitts that are effective to remove the tough stains
  5. Steam extraction or hot water extraction at high pressure
  6. Application of anti-allergen and freshening treatment
  7. Towel drying as well as cleaning using state of the art truck-mount machines
  8. Sufficient air drying and moisture removal to avoid a quick recurrence
The benefits of utilizing mattress cleaning services will assure you of-
  1. Guaranteed cleaning and deep stain removal
  2. IICRC certified technicians and cleaners who are equipped to handle all the machinery for any type of mattress cleaning
  3. All technicians have passed latest cleaning tests including handling latest equipment seamlessly
  4. Fully insured and public liability
  5. Extremely comparative prices that will not only yield you results, but also make it worth every penny you spend
  6. Very reliable and friendly staff who are there to assist you at every step
  7. Available any time as per your convenience
Every mattress needs a different treatment method. Experts in this field will provide you details about the treatment that will best suit your mattress needs. Mattress cleaning Adelaide never got any simpler!

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