Jute Rugs Will Multiply the Beauty of Your Décor

A straw like fiber is produced by jute plants and it is often used for producing burlap cloth and a variety of ropes. However, its use is no more confined to them; it is now used for the purpose of making rugs and carpets. A jute rug is more delicate as compared to another type of area rugs and people admire it for its simplistic beauty.

It is not at all difficult to retain this beauty for a long time; you can do so by properly vacuuming it. Regular vacuum is preferred as it will not allow the dirt and dust to settle or get trapped in the fibers permanently. Moreover, you should avoid using jute rugs in the wet areas because they do not hold up well in such areas.

The best part about jute rugs is they do not cost much and not much maintenance. If you find a stain on your jute carpet you need not empty your pocket on big shampoo machines or canned carpet cleaners, a mild soap and water will suffice. You must try to remove the stain using a soft brush or sponge. Therefore, although jute rug will need cleaning from time to time but it will still need very little maintenance.

Jute is a vegetable fiber and hence it makes a jute carpet eco-friendly. The beautifully woven fibers give carpets unique textures and enhance the beauty of the room when placed there. These rugs are strong and they will prove to be very durable if proper care is taken of them. A jute rug will go with almost every type of décor and it will compliment every type of furnishing as well. Since Floorspace jute rugs have a similar texture as that of a sisal rug, people often get confused between the two.

Jute rugs retain their original color which is usually tan brown. The fibers are not dyed. Moreover, they are hand woven; therefore they are 100% natural. However, you will also find jute rugs whose fibers are dyed and you can choose amongst them as well. They are also available in the market in chevrons and stripes.

If you have decided to make a jute rug part of your house then your decision is right because they will be a great addition to your place and this handsome décor piece will make a new fashion statement. The texture of jute rug is little rough and therefore they should not be preferred in a children’s area and since they are easy to clean they can be easily used in heavy traffic area. For longer life of jute rug try to use it in a dry area only. A dyed jute rug will not only bring colors to the room but also a luxurious texture. The one with different and beautiful edges can not only be used to cover floors but also for the purpose of wall hanging.

There are lots of varieties available in the offline as well as online market. Floor Space also proffers you with a wide variety of jute and other rugs. Feel free to contact them in the case of other information.

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