How does Anavar work for women?

What are the results that you can expect from Anavar cycles and with other steroids? There is definitely some confusion with regard to how long it takes for steroids to kick in. The thing is that steroids start working instantly, but it does take time to let it muscles grow. You might not see a great difference within 3-4 weeks. This is where people tend to underestimate Oxandrolone. As Anavar results are anabolic, the growth in muscles would be solid and last long. People can anticipate for around 5 lbs of sold muscle for taking 25 mg of Anavar every day and for 30 days.

Anavar Results

Anavar results have not seemed much to a lot of people. People who are common with steroid use expect more from their usages. Anavar doesn’t lead to water retention, which is actually side effect, but people think that this makes it weak. But if you can stop thinking about five pounds of meat spreading into your body, then it quite a lot of lean muscle mass.This is also why people are tempted to continue using Anavar for 8-12 weeks instead of 6 weeks as recommended. However, people should not take any oral steroid for a long span of time and for a long time until they don’t care about their health. Here, we are more concerned on the results for women who have used Oxandrolone and they are listed below.

Some young athletes don’t think about long-term, but they understand their consequences. They might lead to having a liver transplant and some people are mad enough to deal with it. However, these are maddening and we should focus on usages that don’t harm us internally.

Is it okay to use Anavar for women?

Anavar is considered to be a women’s drug because of its potency level. It doesn’t lead them to virilization effects until it is not consumed extremely. If you wanted to bulk up, Anavar would not be the drug of your choice as it will not increase the blood volume or water retention.

Women, who want to improve their physical fitness and want to add muscle and strength to their body, opt for Anavar. However, their dosages are much less than what men take. The ideal average dosage is 20 mg and sticking to that would be the best.

Women who have had more than the recommended amount of Anavar have been seen to face virilization problems and conditions. The drug nearly has no androgenic properties and it is one advantage of Anavar that is doesn’t cause HPTA to stop. However, as it is all steroids and it comes from testosterone molecule, there is little bit of suppression in the drug. When you want to boost your usual cycle and not want to put stress on HPTA, you could use it to recover from a condition.

The results for women who have used Oxandrolone are more on the positive than the negatives, provided they can use the drug in the right way. Following the right cycles and doses would be just about what you should do.

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