How Much Does It Cost For Tennis Court Installation? What You Should Know

Tennis court installation is for people that are just starting out to play tennis or the diehard tennis junkies. It is not always easy to have a tennis court installed in the back of your house however there are many perks to having your own personal tennis court. With your own personal tennis court, you can increase the overall value of your house and you can have a more enjoyable experience playing tennis, right in the back of your house. Now the options that you must choose from to build your own tennis court are based on numerous factors, the factors include: the price and space of the area the tennis court can be built. Note that price is influenced by space and the condition of your house which will affect the tennis court installation.

How do I choose the best type of Tennis Court?

All tennis courts are not the same, in which they are not created with the same materials for tennis court installation. The most common type of tennis courts are grass, clay, asphalt and post-tensioned concrete courts. There is a tennis court called a grass court, which is preferred by elite players like players who are at the Wimbledon. The grass court unfortunately is the most difficult court to maintain, because it almost always needs daily care for the players. Clay courts, are the second most popular tennis court. They are made up of packed, crushed brick and can result in few injuries for most players. The only down side to this type of court is the speed at which the game can be played. This type of court is most popular in the southern part of the United States. The climate in that part of the United States is very humid and prevents cracks. Another advantage of clay courts is they do not need to have maintenance as often. This will help with the tennis court installation.

Tennis court installation for asphalt courts are typically the most longest lasting court because they are durable for about 20 years or longer. If you want to have the longest lasting court possible a concrete court is the most preferred option. A concrete court can also be used for any other sports besides just tennis. Depending on the homeowner’s decision for clay, grass, asphalt or a concrete court. Before the concrete is poured or there are any balls that need to be hit, the court area must be cleared first. This usually involves clearing the land by making it free of shrubs, plants or trees. Tennis courts are almost completely if not flat to ensure that players can play the game properly. One of the most essential parts of the court is to have a controlled grade that helps drain the court and stop water form pooling. Gravel/crushed stone is what makes the court stable underneath asphalt and concrete when have a tennis court installed. This is usually between 4 to 6 inches thick, a compactor can be used to create a sub-level. Swampy or overgrown areas will also be removed to properly ensure that the tennis court is stable.

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