How to make Funfetti cake at home

Baking a cake for near and dear ones is always very special. If it is a special occasion, then there’s

nothing like baking a cake.

These days, cakes are cut to celebrate every happy moment like birthdays, anniversaries, success

parties, weddings, etc. One can order anniversary cakes online or they can bake one for their

favourite people.
Here is one amazing cake recipe that one can try at home.

Funfetti Cake

Ingredients: To make this cake, you will need the following things. 300 grams of golden caster sugar,

450 grams of softened butter, one table spoon of vanilla bean paste, eight beaten eggs, 450 grams of

self-rising flour, a table spoon of baking powder, 4 table spoons of whole milk, 200 grams of rainbow

sprinkles, 450 grams of icing sugar, 150 grams of extra butter, 180 grams of full fat cream cheese, a

table spoon of vanilla paste.

It takes almost half an hour to 40 minutes to bake this cake.

Method: One has to pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and then grease it with a line of four

20 cm cake tins. If you do not have 4 cake tins, then you have to bake the cake half by half in two

batches. Take a large bowl and put butter, sugar and vanilla in it and beat it well so that not a single

lump remains. It has to be absolutely plain and fluffy. Then, add the eggs gradually when these

things are mixed and beaten and finally add the flour so that the mixture looks like curdling. Then

sift the flour and the baking powder with a teaspoon of salt and fold it into the cake batter. Pour the

milk to loosen the mixture a bit and then scatter the rainbow sprinkles (keep some aside for icing) on

the batter before dividing it into each tin cake. Then bake it for at least half an hour till it turns

golden and the sponge springs back when you press it tightly. Then you swap the tins around the

oven for 15 more minutes to ensure that all the tins are cooked evenly. Then cool them on the wire


At the same time, one has to make the icing by beating softened butter and half of the icing sugar to

make it fluffy. Then you have to add the cream cheese and rest of the sugar by beating it well again.

Then drizzle over the vanilla paste and then when the icing is prepared, pour it into a large round

nozzle piping bag.

Wait till the cake gets cooled. Pit a blob of icing on the cake board and then top it with the next

sponge. Repeat it with all the three layers and put icing on a circle. Finally, sprinkle the rest of

rainbow sprinkles on the top.

Wedding anniversary cakes can be made easily at home with help of a recipe book or a cooking
website. It is not that difficult to bake a delicious cake at home.

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