Get your Dream Muscle Mass with Testosterone

Testosterone propionate is one of the earliest and best-selling testosterone products in the world. Testosterone propionate is consistent with other testosterone effects, but its shorter 48-hour half-life decision must be used frequently, and most athletes will be injected once a day to maintain a stable blood concentration for muscle mass.

It is reported that the same dose of testosterone propionate stronger than other types, but the difference is not, there is some long-term testosterone propionate caused by water retention than other types of light. Testosterone propionate is very effective as a simple hormone, and a lot of athletes are using it, but some people may feel uncomfortable because they are too sensitive to propionate. This problem can be solved by switching to other drugs.

Testosterone Heptanoate:

Testosterone heptanoate is very popular with testosterone propionate, and its ester chains are longer than testosterone propionate, with a half-life of about 15 days, requiring frequent injections, especially for hormone therapy. Most athletes choose to inject twice a week, and more and more economically athletic athletes are more frequent and injected every other day, although this is not necessary from the perspective of long half-life of testosterone heptanoate, these athletes Said the blood concentration is more stable, high levels of testosterone to bring the feeling is also better.

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in male to maintain their physical health. Men are much more demanding than women. Testosterone can be said to be the most effective hormone for improving exercise performance. Insufficient testosterone levels cannot achieve a high level of competition; this is why it is necessary to use more than natural secretion dosage.

Exogenous testosterone appears:

In 1935 Adolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka (both chemists won the Nobel Prize) before the artificial testicular test, the athlete had used testicular extract to improve motor performance. The isolation and synthesis of testosterone hormones make it possible to inject testosterone propionate.
A variety of synthetic testosterone is essentially the same; the difference is that the drug release time and in vivo activity of the ester chain. Testosterone will help in muscle mass and there are various other benefits.

Benefits of using exogenous testosterone:

The purpose of using testosterone is different, the dose is not the same, some people are to treat low testosterone disease, and some people are to improve the performance of the movement, no matter how much the amount will have the following effects:
·         Improved ability to restore: training, in fact, destroyed the muscle tissue; muscle growth is in the recovery process occurred. Testosterone can increase the rate of body recovery.
·         Anti-catabolism: Some hormones can cause muscle breakdown and fat accumulation, such as cortisol. Testosterone can prevent or delay its function, protect muscle tissue and prevent increased fat.
·         Red blood cell increase: testosterone can increase erythrocyte, improve oxygen intake and utilization, greatly improve endurance and muscle activity efficiency.
·         Increased protein synthesis efficiency: testosterone can enhance the body's ability to synthesize protein, increase muscle circumference or maintain muscle tissue in strict control of calorie intake, high levels of testosterone are conducive to positive nitrogen balance so that the body can retain more muscle.
This is how Testosterone doesn’t only help in muscle mass but there are various other benefits as mentioned above.


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