Low-Cost Things You Can Do this Summer

The summer is all about fun and traveling for many families. This is especially true if you have children who will be out of school. But if you’re not trying to spend a lot of money or travel too far, then there are ways you can lower your summertime fun expenses.

No one said you have to travel across the world to have an adventure. So let’s review some ideas for keeping things closer to home this summer.

Enjoy Some Blockbusters

All year, you wait for the best movies to come out on Redbox. But why not take time out to go see this summer’s blockbusters with your family and friends? You can go to Fandango to get tickets for matinee and evening showings, depending on your schedule. Of course, if you want to save, then matinee would be the way to go.

Rent Movies and Watch them at Home

If you’re not really up for the crowds and high-priced popcorn, you can enjoy your movies right at home with stove-top popped popcorn. No long lines to worry about or noisy theaters to suffer through. Just you and your loved ones enjoying a flick in your living room or movie room.

Find Local Amusement Parks

You may have to drive across state lines to get to the nearest amusement park. But if it’s not too long of a ride, it may be worth it. The great thing about local theme parks is you can have a great day of fun with the kids, then ride back home at the end of the day. No need to dish out extra money on hotels and motels. Make sure to pack a lunch, drinks and snacks, so you aren’t forced to pay an arm and a leg for the food and drinks sold there.

Search for Nearby Museums

Turn an outing with the family into an educational, but fun experience. You can find nearby museums that showcase exhibits of history, art or other artifacts. Science museums can also be fun, showing hands-on exhibits that the kids and adults can interact with. There may even be a planetarium where you can see all the moons, planets and stars in 3D.

Find Other Local Attractions

What other attractions can you find not too far from home? Maybe you can go to a local arcade, go kart track or laser tag arena. If you guys enjoy bowling, pool or rock climbing, you may be able to find some places that offer these activities. The good news is that there are plenty of deals released during the summer to attract families. See if you can find coupons, so you can keep your budget intact, while still enjoying plenty of attractions.

When you’re planning a low-cost summer, you want to do whatever you can to stay close to home. The cost for gas, car rentals, hotel rooms and airplane tickets can hike up the costs, making it harder to do more things. Follow these tips to help save money this summer. 

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